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the starry night ranch family


Robert Emmons grew up hunting and fishing with his father in East Texas. Over the years he has managed several hunting lease operations and served as Wildlife Manager for a rural community in Central Texas. After retiring from a long career in the high tech industry in global operations management and customer service, he is now focused on building an exclusive, customer-focused outfitting business.  Robert is a lifetime member of Safari Club International and the Texas Wildlife Association.  He has hunted across eight states and two Canadian provinces for deer, elk, antelope, caribou, boar and a variety of game birds.


Pamela Emmons began hunting after spending many years just enjoying the outdoors with her husband Robert.  She is now an accomplished hunter harvesting numerous deer in Texas, a 343 Bull Elk in Colorado and Caribou in Northern Quebec.  Her passion is hunting wild hogs and has harvest too many to count.  Pam also spent over two decades in the high tech industry before leaving to raise a family and run her own home based business.


Terry Everett grew up hunting and enjoying the outdoors with his father, grandparents and uncles.  He spent much of his youth on family land in Central Texas and is a native of Austin Texas.  Terry has a passion for the outdoors and hunting whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey.  He has spent many years in the high tech industry in operations management.  Terry serves as our primary hunting guide and is in charge of all safety protocol at the ranch.


Leif Henderson serves as the ranch biologist and as a guide.  We have implemented an intensive wildlife management program under his direction.  Leif has had a long and successful career in the wildlife industry.  After graduating from Texas A&M he went to work for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a state biologist.  He has spent the last two decades running a private wildlife consulting business helping ranchers in Texas to improve their deer herds and develop superior whitetail bucks.


An Austin native, Bryce spent much of his youth hunting and fishing the beautiful Texas Hill Country with family & friends. Along the way, he developed a passion for processing his own game meat, including the Texas tradition of making sausage.  Today he's an Operations Manager for a leading custom home builder in the the Austin area. When he is not chasing down contractors, or whitetail deer, he is busy chasing his two young daughters around his house. He's had a passion for hunting exotics and big whitetails in Texas for many years. Now he is discovering the excitement of guiding hunters, new and old, in making memories in the outdoors. 


Colby grew up in East Texas, learning to hunt with his dad and uncle. He took his first twelve point buck on family land in Oklahoma as a teenager, and has been hooked on hunting whitetail ever since. When the wind is in his favor, he loves to spot and stalk deer & pigs. A self-reliant outdoorsman, Colby has built his own guns, processes his own meat, and does his own European mounts. When not raising his two little girls or hunting, he also enjoys restoring old trucks. Meeting like-minded people who love the outdoors and helping them make memories has fueled Colby's passion for guiding.

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